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Customization (Printing-embroidery)

Create your own clothing!

Send us a file with your favorite logo or design!

If you have image files you can send examples and proofs, or Describe what you would like. We can place them at your leisure and make many feel like, even on different positions (shoulder, chest, back, …).

BESTWEAR gives you the opportunity to choose a technical clothing for leisure, sport and work across a wide range of high quality items, with all the necessary support for personalization and ad hoc solutions both in terms of graphics and technical (print, embroidery).


Ideal technique for custom clothing: elegant and highly effective, is by far the most durable. The technique is to compose a writing or drawing with a thin wire, creating a story that will make up the logo / design. The colors available are virtually unlimited, and any item can be referred to the customization.


- High quality
- High durability
- Adaptability to any type of fabric color
(Recommended size of medium-sized heads, are not feasible patterns with shades).

Screen Printing

Printing Technique artistic images on any material or surface through the use of a fabric (fabric printing). Once completed the frame with the print fabric that mimics the pattern chosen, it is placed on the support (sweatshirt, t-shirt, paper for example). On the frame is then coated with the ink and a rubber spatula is distributed over the entire surface. The ink passes through the open spaces and is deposited on the support by creating the desired customization.


- High gloss color and contrast
- Long life
- Ideal for medium to high amount

Press “hot” (transfer)

The hot printing is a printing technique in which the pattern is cut from colored film and then fused to the desired product.


- Suitable for quantities small – medium
- Suitable for any type of fabric color
- Restricted range of colors available for the heat-sealable
- Do not wash at temperatures above 40 ° C and iron on reverse
- Recommended for high-definition text and small logos
- Not recommended for reasons of large size due to the low transpiration